Saturday, August 10, 2019

Newsletter Excerpt, August 10, 2019 -- "Third Third, Pt. 5 (final)"

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"There’s a subset of Yankees fans somehow frustrated with Brian Cashman, who signed all of the players mentioned in the first paragraph, because he didn’t do anything at the trade deadline. The Yankees have one of the best records in baseball despite playing half a waiver wire for months at a time, and somehow Cashman comes under fire for not bringing in one of the many #3 starters available at the deadline. Even without Severino and Betances, the Yankees have plenty of pitching depth, and no external starter available in July was a difference-maker. I might prefer three innings of Deivi Garcia in a best-of-five to five innings of Matthew Boyd or Mike Minor, even before you get into future seasons.

"Brian Cashman will go into the Hall of Fame some day, and he’ll go in part because he spent 20 years not making the moves everyone said he 'had' to make. He’ll go in part because he learned from the last shopping spree (just where is Jacoby Ellsbury?) that it wasn’t worth it. He’ll go because he built the internal team to find and develop the likes of Urshela and Voit. None of that changes even if the Yankees lose a short series to one of the next two teams on this list."