Thursday, November 17, 2022

Newsletter Excerpt, November 17, 2022 -- "Cashman's Cash Men"


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"Drill down further, and you see Cashman built a 99-63 team in 2022, one that was beaten in the ALCS by a better team, the one that went on to win the World Series. Is Cashman just a bystander to that success? No, of course not; he and the front office he leads drafted Aaron Judge, signed Luis Severino, traded for Clay Holmes, picked Matt Carpenter off the scrap heap. That trade with the Twins everyone hates now (emphasis on now, as opposed to May) was good for a net 1.4 bWAR and sent away a player, in Gary Sanchez, whom the fan base despised by the end of his time in New York. Enjoy Nestor Cortes? That was Brian Cashman. Like the Jose Trevino story? Also Cashman."