Monday, February 3, 2014

Excerpt: "Best of One"

"The Super Bowl is two weeks of hype followed by three hours of ball. The World Series is three days of hype followed by two weeks of ball. Maybe we've voted with our feet and our wallets and our gullets as to which means more to us as a nation, but the World Series is simply a better event. Sometimes you get 43-8 or the 2012 World Series, and something you get Super Bowl XL or the '11 Series. Apples to apples, a best-of-seven just brings more to the table than any one-game playoff. It is a shame that MLB itself doesn't recognize that, ginnying up one-game postseason 'series' in an attempt to create a watered-down version of the Super Bowl. Baseball needs time, and if the world has less of it, you don't pander to that -- you make yourself so attractive as to demand that time. Baseball never needs to be more like football. Baseball needs to be more like baseball."