Friday, March 21, 2014

Excerpt: "The Phillies and Their Shortstop"

"If Rollins were to approve a -- still theoretical -- trade to Detroit, he'd be a hero on the day he arrived, saving his new team from opening the season with a gaping hole at shortstop. Even in decline, Rollins would represent a one- to two-win upgrade, at minimum, over Hernan Perez and Danny Worth and Deivi Cruz and whoever else is in the mix for the shortstop job in the absence of Jose Iglesias. His playing time would be assured, and he'd be in a stronger position to extend his career by playing for a team that will be highly visible in 2014 and likely play into October. The Jimmy Rollins HOF audition tape will look a lot better if there are shots of Rollins playing ball in front of full stadiums deep into the fall spliced into it."