Thursday, August 14, 2014

Excerpt: "Wanted: Chief Baseball Officer"

"I'm not naive enough to suggest that baseball shouldn't have a CEO. I think, though, that it should also have a commissioner, or if perhaps that word is too fraught, after Landis and Kuhn and Selig, perhaps a Chief Ambassador. I'm not talking about waking up Tommy Lasorda for two innings and having him tell a story, I'm talking about a face for the game that's young, that knows not only who Mike Trout is but who bats in front of him for the Angels. I'm talking about someone who'll spend 140 days a year in ballparks, not in a suite, but in a seat, or walking a park, talking ball with fans. I'm talking about hiring someone who not only knows how to use e-mail, but also the Play Index and who often has both of them open while sussing out trades for his fantasy team."