Monday, November 25, 2019

My Hall Ballot

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"If I had a ballot, I would vote for these nine players:

"Barry Bonds
Roger Clemens
Derek Jeter
Andy Pettitte
Manny Ramirez
Scott Rolen
Curt Schilling
Sammy Sosa
Larry Walker

"That’s seven holdovers from last year, plus Derek Jeter, newly eligible.


"As with Martinez, however, the recent induction of Trevor Hoffman puts Walker’s 'low' PA total in context. Hoffman faced 4,388 batters in his career, and even giving him some leverage credit doesn’t make up nearly 4,000 PAs. If we’re going to put low-volume relievers in, then the standard for hitters, especially hitters who were Hall of Famers on a rate basis, has to move accordingly. The easy election of Vladimir Guerrero, a lesser player and a contemporary of Walker’s, is a factor in this choice as well. I waited a long time to call Walker a Hall of Famer, as I did with Martinez, but this year I move him over the line."