Thursday, April 9, 2020

Newsletter Excerpt, April 9, 2020 -- "Louie Loosens the Jar"

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"Seven-inning games would take 22% of the innings off the table, lowering the workload on pitchers as a whole, pitchers who will be taking on an unusual burden of being ramped up, cooled down, and then ramped up again since the start of the year. It would eliminate the need to carry 15 and 16 pitchers, as some of the plans contemplate. If some percentage of the schedule has to take place in Arizona to account for cities where holding games may be untenable, it lessens the time spent outside in the state’s brutal summer heat.

"The biggest problem with this plan? People might really like it. I’m telling you now that if MLB played a 2020 season with seven-inning games, it would have a very hard time ever going back to nine."