Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Newsletter Excerpt, April 27, 2022 -- "Thinking Inside the Box"

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"With all that, the Jays are third in the AL in runs scored and fifth in wRC+ because they can score with a single swing of the bat. For all the backlash over home runs, for all the complaints about how hitters swing the bat now, no one’s been able to articulate an argument for team scoring that’s better than “hit the ball hard and far.” Power -- and yes, strikeouts -- is the fastest way to score runs, to hang crooked numbers, and to win games. When that changes, whether by putting oil-soaked balls into play or mandating that batters hit with tennis rackets or whatever else MLB chooses other than “throttling back the pitchers,” we can talk. Until then, #ballgofarteamgofar."