Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Newsletter Excerpt, June 21, 2023 -- "Mailbag"

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Is your view that the business success of the Raiders after leaving Oakland is due to the size of the stadium? That the NFL is a unicorn? Something else? Would be curious to hear your thoughts.

--Gideon M.

It doesn’t matter where you put an NFL team. They need to sell about 600-700K tickets a year. The stadia are TV studios. “The NFL is a unicorn” isn’t a bad way of putting it.

At that, the Raiders have been bottom five in attendance and percentage of capacity sold.  Their revenues are high through incredibly high ticket prices and what looks like a self-scalping plan, neither of which will be available to a baseball team. They’ve also been there for two years, effectively. I don’t think a single thing about the Raiders’ experience in Vegas ports to a baseball team.