Friday, November 17, 2023

Newsletter Excerpt, November 17, 2023 -- "Cody Bellinger"


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"The swing player in determining whether this is a good market or not may be Cody Bellinger. Bellinger is a 28-year-old former MVP who hits the market after a four-win season in which he set a career high in batting average and a career low in walk rate. Unusually, Bellinger is a plus defender at first base and in center field. Out of team necessity, Bellinger played more first in 2023 than he had since 2018. He’s still a good outfielder, and as a free agent he can be considered a center fielder for the next few seasons.

"Cody Bellinger is also someone who was non-tendered one year ago, and who a year before that was the least valuable player in the National League. In three seasons after his MVP award, Bellinger hit .203/.272/.376, was worth a single WAR, and at times looked more lost than 'Billions' in season six."