Monday, April 1, 2024

Newsletter Excerpt, April 1, 2024 -- "AL Lineups"


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Guardians: Andres Gimenez batted second against the two righties, sixth and seventh against the lefties. David Fry didn’t play against the righties, then batted fourth and fifth against the lefties. Stephen Vogt, at least through four games, has Bo Naylor and Austin Hedges in a platoon behind the plate, Will Brennan and Ramon Laureano in a platoon in right field. If we learned nothing else about Vogt this weekend, it’s that he looks like a platoon manager. I like it.

Tyler Freeman seems to be first choice in center for the moment, starting three games. Estevan Florial served as the DH twice, batting eighth. I have a thesis that states if your DH is batting that low in the lineup, you’ve picked the wrong DH.