Monday, May 13, 2024

Newsletter Excerpt, May 13, 2024 -- "Clipped Wings"


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The parallels between the two bird teams diverge on the mound. The Cardinals, thanks to a surprisingly effective bullpen, are 17th in MLB in FIP, while the Jays are 26th. The Cardinals emphasized missing bats in the bullpen and getting innings from the rotation this winter. Their starters are 13th in the league in innings pitched, while as expected, not being terribly effective: a 4.31 FIP that’s 23rd in the league. The Cardinals have been vulnerable to their opponents breaking games open in the middle innings, where they’ve allowed 89 runs, tied for the most in baseball. Their starters, the third time around, have allowed a .287/.358/.489 line, seventh-worst in baseball by OPS+. As ever, when you eat innings, you get the runs.