Sheehan Newsletter Freebies Page!

Thanks for checking out the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter. The current run of the Newsletter is coming up on its 13th birthday -- it's Substack's big brother -- and over the years, I've posted much my writing for free. Here are links to some of those pieces, which you can read and enjoy and get a sense of what thousands of Newsletter subscribers have been getting all year long dating to 2010 -- then use the links to the right to become the next one.

On the Athletics and Las Vegas

Follow up on the As and Vegas

Thinking Inside the Box, 4/11/23

Ohtani/Trout in the World Baseball Classic

On the new rules for 2023

On sports drugs and the Hall of Fame

On the greatness of Mookie Betts

On competitive balance

On Game Three of the 2018 World Series

On modern pitching and hitting

On competitive balance in 2023

On going too far in protecting pitchers

On Domingo German's perfect game

On the 2023 Orioles

Previewing Jays/Rangers (from 9/11/23) 

On Shohei Ohtani (from 8/24/23)