Friday, October 27, 2023

Newsletter Excerpt, October 27, 2023 -- "World Series Preview"

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"The Rangers were the better team over six months, both in the standings and by deeper measures of quality. They’ve matched the Diamondbacks in October and have better underlying numbers. There’s no deeper matchup edge, no fatal flaw to exploit. The Bochy/Lovullo manager duel is the best one we’ve gotten in the World Series in quite some time. Both teams play good defense and run the bases well, and as has been a topic of conversation, the Diamondbacks’ high-volume basestealing hasn’t ported to the playoffs.

"This is a battle between an excellent offensive team that has continued to be one, and a middling pitching team that has succeeded for about three weeks. I just cannot see the Diamondbacks keeping up with the Rangers’ lineup enough to win four of seven. Rangers in six, even baking in at least one bullpen meltdown by Texas."