Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Newsletter Excerpt, October 31, 2023 -- "Up"

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"Corey Seager hit the hardest ball of Game Three, 114.5 mph off the bat, at an angle of 22 degrees. It went 421 feet for a two-run homer that was the decisive blow in the game.

"Ketel Marte hit the second-hardest ball of Game Three, 114.4 mph off the bat. His ball, however, came off the bat at -3 degrees, and it went about 125 feet into the glove of Seager, who started a double play that ended the Diamondbacks’ last rally.

"The lesson? Hit the ball up. I have been screaming this on Slack all month. You have to hit the ball up. Seager and Marte hit the same rocket last night. One hit it up for two runs, the other hit it down for two outs. Groundballs are death. Hit the ball up."