Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Excerpt: "Money Don't Matter"

"The money doesn't matter. It's not about whether the marginal cost of a win on the free-agent market is five million bucks or $7 million or $13 million; it's about that framework no longer being the way to evaluate signings. The extra dollars a team might spend to bring a player into the fold -- and turn a contract from a sabermetric win to a sabermetric loss -- are meaningless in the big picture because there's just no other good application of those dollars. The opportunity cost of not signing the player isn't 'having the money to sign someone else', it's 'having cash and no good way to use it.'"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Excerpt: "The Awards"

"In going over the ballots at, I was most taken by the affiliations. It was just five years ago, at the 2008 winter meetings, that the BBWAA first opened its membership rolls to writers who made their living online. Christina Kahrl and Will Carroll of Prospectus, along with's Rob Neyer and Keith Law, were the first to be admitted. It's 2013 now, and in addition to Law with and Carroll with Bleacher Report, voters for the major awards came from places like, Yahoo!, and I don't want to make a virtue out of necessity -- this is happening in no small part because newspapers are dying and the BBWAA needs members -- but it's a pretty significant change in a short time. I'm not ten years removed from having Rich Levin refuse my request for a winter meetings credential to my face with a team representative at my side backing the request, so seeing Will and Keith voting on awards…I've seen the revolution up close. It's something we should celebrate. (Now, if the organization would just drop its archaic objection to's professional and dedicated pool of writers….)"