Monday, August 21, 2023

Newsletter Excerpt, August 21, 2023 -- "John Angelos, Child"


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"None of this, of course, is about baseball. It’s about a rich kid wanting what the other rich kids have. Angelos has one of the best teams in baseball. It’s going to make, I don’t know, $100 million in profit this year, maybe win the World Series, maybe be the favorite to win it next year and the year after that and the year after that. The team plays in a jewel of a ballpark, and Angelos has access to $600 million in free money with which to spruce it up. If he’s really unhappy, he can leave it all behind in exchange for $2 billion.

"That’s not enough for him, as he gazes longingly at The Battery, at Wrigleyville, at Ballpark Village in St. Louis, and pouts. That’s not enough for him, as he craps all over the best baseball season in Baltimore in almost a decade. That’s not enough for him, as he holds a city and its baseball fans hostage for more. "