Monday, August 28, 2023

Newsletter Excerpt, August 28, 2023 -- "Whew, Brew Crew"

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"Defensive statistics can be all over the place, so when they all agree on something, it’s noticeable. According to Statcast, the Brewers have the fourth-best defense in baseball. According to Defensive Efficiency, it’s the best defense, and by Defensive Runs Saved, it’s second only to the Blue Jays, who are breaking the scale.

"Statcast calls this the best defensive outfield in baseball. The two most regular Brewers outfielders, Joey Weimer and Christian Yeilch, are center fielders, with Yelich playing left because his arm isn’t good. Sal Frelick and Blake Perkins have center field speed, while Tyrone Taylor is plus across the board. The Brewers have allowed just a .079 BABIP on fly balls, third-best in baseball. The Brewers are tied with the Braves for the fewest doubles+triples allowed at 199, and it’s not because they get a ton of ground balls."