Monday, July 21, 2014

Excerpt: "The Brewers"

"What the Brewers have gotten from these three players has helped push an offense that at the start of the season looked to be OBP-challenged, even with the return of Ryan Braun, to near the top of the league in runs scored and wOBA. This is important. Look around the majors and see how many teams are being undercut by their inability to turn prospects into players. The Royals may see a decade-long rebuilding project fail to bear fruit because of it. The Mariners have churned through a number of hitters, both draftees and trade targets, who have flopped. Recent Padres teams have seen a crop of hitting prospects fade into obscurity. The Phillies are worse off because Domonic Brown and Cody Asche haven't worked out. The Brewers have gotten ten wins of value so far by getting young hitters they either drafted or traded for to peak in the majors."