Monday, January 28, 2019

Newsletter Excerpt, January 28, 2019 -- "Stasis and the Red Sox"

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"There’s a strain of thinking that these large-market teams can afford the taxes and should accept these relatively small amounts -- approximately one win’s worth -- as a cost of doing business, but the costs are higher than they seem. There are monies not collected, kickbacks for large-market teams being under the tax threshold. There are the draft-pick penalties. The money itself may seem a pittance, but MLB tax dollars aren’t like your tax dollars, going to roads and schools and the military. There’s no greater good being financed, just additional cash being distributed first to players, then to teams under the threshold.

"So I can understand Boston’s quiet winter. It helps to have won the World Series, which tends to deflect fan and media criticism for a few months. That explains why Sox fans have been mostly quiet and those long-suffering Dodger fans so loud. Mostly, though, the Sox have explored the outer reaches of what a club can be expected to pay for a baseball team under the current rule set."