Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Newsletter Excerpt, January 14, 2020 -- "The Astros Ruling"

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"By stopping there, though, because going further would be 'difficult' and 'impractical,' Manfred loses the thread completely. To punish Hinch and Luhnow alongside the players who executed the scheme, as detailed in this report, would be fair. To punish management while letting every player involved go completely free of consequences, free in fact from being named at all (but for the now-retired Carlos Beltran), is an affront to any concept of fairness. You can’t write a report that cites 68 witnesses and tens of thousands of electronic communications, suspend two people for a season, and then not touch the guys who did the actual cheating. Monthlong suspensions for the players involved are the minimum you would expect in this context."