Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Newsletter Excerpt, September 27, 2023 -- "Central Time"

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"The shape of the Brewers’ performance leaves some concern for their postseason hopes. In recent years, the teams that have done best have had strong offenses. Just one team in the last six full seasons has made the World Series after having a below-average offense in the regular season: the 2021 Braves. Those Braves are also the only team that made the World Series after placing outside the top ten in wRC+. You can argue that the Brewers have an average offense now, giving them full credit for their late-season performance, but that’s still not impressive in this context. The possibility that they score 1.5 runs a game in a quick playoff exit, as they did in 2021, looms. The Brewers would very much like to see the Reds, with their weak pitching staff, win the #6 seed."