Friday, October 13, 2023

Newsletter Excerpt, October 13, 2023 -- "No Upsets"

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"The Phillies kicked the Braves’ asses, outscoring them 20-8, hitting 11 homers to their three. Philly stole three times as many bases, drew nearly twice as many walks. The Phillies’ best players hit five homers and stole three bases. The Braves’ best players hit five singles and a double. In four games, the Braves led for a total of ten batters. Rob Thomson out-managed Brian Snitker, with Snitker making the single biggest mistake of the series.

"The Phillies are 5-1 in the playoffs. They’ve allowed two runs or fewer in five of their six postseason games, ten all told. Their pitchers have a 50/12 K/BB in six games, with just three homers allowed. They have the best bullpen of any team that won a series in these playoffs, with a 1.45 ERA in 18 2/3 innings. The Phillies! The sieve-like defense of recent years has been transformed as well, largely due to Josh Rojas replacing Kyle Schwarber in the outfield."