Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Newsletter Excerpt, December 12, 2023 -- "Sho-Bag"


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That money could have been used to sign three serviceable starting pitchers and a third baseman who would get Max Muncy off the infield. Will Ohtani inspire Betts, Freeman, and Muncy to show up in October? Guess we will find out.

--Dan Z.

The money doesn’t matter, the room on the payroll does, and the contract structure minimizes the impact of that. They’ll still acquire two starters, I think, one up top and one for bulk innings. I’m more bullish on the Gavin Stone/Michael Grove/Ryan Pepiot/Emmet Sheehan group than you may be. I think collectively they’ll provide 300-400 average innings, though I don’t know which pitcher will emerge. Probably Stone and Pepiot, if I’m guessing today.

Those four combined for 202 innings with replacement-level performance in 2023. I think they double the innings and are worth five wins in 2024.