Friday, March 22, 2024

Newsletter Excerpt, March 21, 2024 -- "Season Preview 2024: Teams #24-22"

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This is the Brewers, though, so there’s a limit to how bad they will be and how long before they will be good again. From Doug Melvin to David Stearns to Matt Arnold, the Brewers have foregone hard rebuilds in favor of a more traditional approach, where bad years happen while the team is almost always looking to get better and succeed in the short term. So in trading for Burnes, the Brewers added two players who should become immediate contributors in shortstop Joey Ortiz and lefty starter-for-now DL Hall. They signed Rhys Hoskins to a two-year deal to play first base. They locked up center fielder Jackson Chourio, one of the top five prospects in baseball, through his twenties. The Brewers don’t tank.