Thursday, October 10, 2019

Newsletter Excerpt, October 10, 2019 -- "Hello, Soto"

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"It’s Soto, though, who has now had the most important swing in the Wild Card Game, and the most important swing in the Division Series, and who now moves on to the third round. It’s Soto who has become more than .282/.401/.548 and a host of age-related statistics. It’s Soto whose smiling face and tic-filled routine and violent swing will be seen not just by the seamheads reading this, but by football fans stumbling on baseball highlights and by ten-year-olds watching MLB Tonight with their moms and by that great mass of people who check into baseball for a few weeks every October. Soto is the breakout player of these playoffs, and he’s still 15 days from you being able to buy him a beer to celebrate that. This is how you become a star. All the WAR in the world can’t buy you what Soto’s team gave him last night: A chance to be a hero."