Sunday, July 23, 2023

Newsletter Excerpt, July 23, 2023 -- "The Buxton Problem"


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"Buxton’s inability to play the field traps Baldelli. Buxton is the team’s superstar, nominally, and he’s tied to the Twins through 2028 on a deal that guarantees him just $15 million a year. It’s not easy to bench him. On the other hand, the Twins have a lot of stick-first players who could fit at DH. Edouard Julien is hitting .310/.390/.551 while acting as a second baseman, and the Twins are trying Jorge Polanco -- on a minor-league rehab assignment -- at third base to accommodate that. Lewis will return in August, crowding the infield further. Miranda and Larnach played their way off the roster, but both have track records of hitting in the minors."